Except for the legal person of International Union Construction Group investment subject, no other individual or institution has the right to sign the investment agreement with the project party on behalf of International Union Construction Group. International Union Construction Group does not charge any fees other than investment returns and management fees during the investment process.
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International Union Construction Group Shares Limited is a famous state-owned investment Group in China. Adhering to the mission of "taking national construction as own responsibility", International Union Construction Group closely formulates financial investment strategies focusing on "the Belt and Road" Initiative, and actively invests in the debt and equity of state-owned enterprises ,listed companies and private enterprises. International Union Construction Group has five centers, respectively are Strategic Center (Beijing), Administrative Center (ShenZhen),Asset Management Center (Shanghai),Operation Center (TianJin) and  Financial Centre (Hong Kong).International Union Construction Group has more than 560 employees including more than 290 employees within the system. During the year 2019, International Union Construction Group's total investment amount in all business segments was 105.6 billion RMB, including 66.58 billion RMB in debt investment, which involves 109 investment projects. During the year 2020, International Union Construction Group's total investment amount in all business segments was 159.65 billion RMB, including 96.58 billion RMB in debt investment, which involves 165 investment projects. During the year 2021, International Union Construction Group's total investment amount in all business segments was 199.86 billion RMB, involving 209 investment projects.In 2022, the Group's total investment in each business segment was 221.98 billion yuan, involving 256 investment projects.

International Union Construction Group adheres to the leading role of Party building in its development, comprehensively implements the spirit of the 20th CPC National Congress, strengthens commitment to “the Four Consciousnesses, the Four-Sphere Confidence, and the Two Upholds”. Supporting the real economy as the starting point and foothold of its development, International Union Construction Group always put “serving the national top-level strategy” into the first place of development concept. Under the new dual-circulation development paradigm, International Union Construction Group makes efforts to promote the implementation of “the Belt and Road" Industry Funds, ensures the smooth circulation of the domestic economy and the international economy, improves the quality of financial services, deepens supply-side structural reform, supports the orderly implementation of the national financial investment strategy and boosts the high-quality and sustainable development of China's economy.


International Union Construction Group is deeply engaged in the Chinese and international markets mainly through debt investment and equity investment, focusing on listed companies, domestic enterprises directly under the central government, local large state-owned enterprises, large private or joint-stock enterprises. To further promote the high-quality development of state-owned enterprises, International Union Construction Group for "Coorperating New Era High Quality Development Protects of Debt Reduction Financing for State-Owned Enterprises with Private Enterprises" as the core, through UE, UCM, TRS industry fund, PCM, ECM, AM and RCM and other ways to help enterprises to solve the capital problem. In order to accelerate the Construction of a healthy China, International Union Construction Group focuses on the field of national health, and meets the equity financing needs of enterprises at various stages of development with industrial investment and portfolio investment.

Under the guidance of the national development strategy of “the Belt and Road”, International Union Construction Group conscientiously implements the overall plan of “the Vision and proposed Action outlined on Jointly Building Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road”, strengthens financial integration of “the Belt and Road”, promotes the construction of “Four links” through financial activities. In order to promote the implementation of the Belt and Road Industry Fund, International Union Construction Group aims the goal of “extensive co-consultation, co-contribution and win-win”. Giving the full play to the advantage in capital and resource, International Union Construction Group carries out “Bring the capital in” strategy as the core part of “the Belt and Road” Industry Fund operation, provides multi-channel, mid-long term, sustainable financial support for enterprises. Together with global renowned financial institutions, investment banks and other partners, International Union Construction Group has jointly participated in “the Belt and Road” strategic emerging industry investment, supporting the invested enterprises to enhance the international influence and competitiveness and ensuring the stability and sustainable development of industrial funds.

Based on the global capital market, the International Union Construction Group deepens and expands international cooperation in various fields, seizes the investment opportunities brought by the changes in the global economic patterns and China's reform and transformation, actively explores, innovates to realize the internationalization of asset operation and investment management!